Weight loss solutions

This program is for those of you who have tried almost every trick in the book, and still hit a road block due to medical conditions, or other obstacles. Specially designed for overweight clients who have previously embarked upon a weight loss program and lost weight, only to stop after a point, and put it all back on, this is a service for those who know exactly what to do and how to do it, but lack discipline, motivation or will power. We offer time based weight loss solutions with an assurance for improved health. While most people obsess about losing weight, we believe it is actually the inches lost that are the best indicator to obesity management. There may be several crash courses and short cuts to weight loss, but there’s nothing like fitting into your old jeans, which comes from cutting those inches, not shedding those pounds! After all, nothing succeeds like success, right? The program is a diet and exercise routine, with regular counselling, monitoring of weight, body fat and diet pattern. We ensure your commitment to the program and guarantee you better health and far higher fitness levels at the end of this duration.

We will train you to:
  • motivate yourself every day?
  • build your confidence by giving yourself credit?
  • create time and energy for dieting?
  • get yourself to follow your plan even when you don’t feel like it?
  • make a craving go away?
  • refrain from emotional eating?
  • get right back on track when you make a mistake?
  • handle special occasions and people who push you to eat?