Our Studio

Max Fitness a fitness studio – a place where we become fit for life, where fitness is not imposed – it’s inspired. THE FIRST OF ITS OWN KIND FITNESS STUDIO IN DWARKA, NEW-DELHI
Started in 2009,

We boast of our well-equipped studio, which offers wide range of fitness options for all age groups.
What does that mean for you?
It literally means you are in the hands of trained, certified & experienced professionals who care about you and your health related concerns, basing every bit of advise given to you on scientific evidence; giving you a truly personal and enjoyable fitness program experience. Adding to that, we make sure that you have fun while working out.
Max Fitness spearheaded the fitness revolution standing against a tide of unorganized, ill-informed fitness studios offering miracle results with disastrous consequences. This revolution now has improved and inspired higher standards for fitness solutions that are available for the residents of dwarka.
A proof of our success as health and fitness experts is seen in the recognition and the number of clients who have not changed their fitness studios since they joined “Max Fitness”. We are known for our expertise in a wide variety of workouts, viz. Aerobics, Pilates, Zumba, Power yoga, Cross training, Kick-boxing, Boot camp, Steppers, Fusion workouts & Weight loss solutions. Customized fitness programs for teenagers, adolescents, moms-to-be & Be Fit at Forty, not forgetting individuals with certain lifestyle or chronic conditions / disorders.
We also offer personal trainings, corporate consultations and solutions Have a happy, fit & healthy life.