Masala Bhangra Workout

The Masala Bhangra Workout is an Indian-dance based fitness program, designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who love to stay physically active through dance and want to learn about Indian culture.The Masala Bhangra Workout is an ACE and AFAA approved program. Specifically, it introduces high energy Bhangra and Bollywood dance movements in an easy-to-follow fitness format, and is a mechanism by which thousands of people have lost weight and become physically active. With the dance choreography directly influenced by the music and dance of modern Bhangra and Bollywood styles, The Masala Bhangra Workout® is a fresh and exciting addition to the world of fitness and dance.

Why Us:

  • We are happy to announce The Masala Bhangra Workout Ambassador Training program! The Masala Bhangra Workout is the first and only Indian-inspired dance workout program that is an AFAA, ACE and AFLCA approved program. Now you can get on board with the team behind this hot and amazingly fun workout!
  • We are looking for charismatic instructors (teaching experience is a plus) who can command a room full of people with their positive energy. Having a group fitness background either thru AFAA, ACE or AFLCA is helpful.
  • At Max fitness studio, with our talented and dance loving trainers, we aim to make sure that your Masala Bhangra Workout experience is totally enthralling and at the same time, incredibly beneficial for your physical fitness.