Fitness for mom’s to be

So should you dial down your cardio? Are certain machines off-limits? Can you still do Pilates? The answers depend largely on what your fitness level is, which trimester you're in and how you're feeling. If one cardio machine or strength exercise isn't comfortable, there's always another one to try. Getting yourself to the gym may take an extra dose of motivation, but the payoff is huge. Consistent exercise during pregnancy can minimize aches and constipation, help you sleep better, and lower your risk of gestational diabetes and depression. You may even end up having a shorter, less complicated labor. Developing good workout habits during pregnancy will help you get your body back faster after delivery too. Our fitness experts at Max Fitness Studio, will not only workout the modified exercises for pregnancy, but gets you to bond with your fellow moms-to-be over charming symptoms such as heartburn, swollen feet and haemorrhoids. You might even get labor tips. It's fine to keep going, as long as you pay attention to how your body feels, limit your intensity and stay within the normal range of motion. Some exercises we recommend for mom to-be:

  1. Pilates - Pilates helps maintain your abdominal muscle tone, which will support your growing belly, minimize back pain and give you more oomph for pushing during labor.
  2. Yoga - Yoga not only strengthens your core and improves flexibility, but with its gentle movements and emphasis on breathing and meditation, it also fosters a sense of calm.